Hypro Roller Pumps


Positive Displacement, Cast Iron, Ni-Resist  Pumps for Most Ag Chemical Spraying and other Fluid Transfer Applications.

Hypro roller pumps are the most popular pumps worldwide for agricultural tasks. And for good reasons! They are durable and have long running capabilities that allow them to last (on average), 2 1/2 times longer* than the competition. This is due, in part, to the pumps' high "Brinell" hardness rating and tight machining tolerances. (Other brands use iron with a lower hardness rating that cannot be finished as smoothly and, consequently, other brands wear out faster.)

Hypro roller pumps are low in cost and high in versatility. They are used for spraying and transferring a variety of fluids including insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, emulsives, aromatic solvents, liquid fertilizers and many other nonabrasive liquids. 

Models contain either four, five, six, seven or eight rollers per pump. These rollers revolve inside the pump housing to force the spray solution through the outlet to the nozzle. Hypro roller pumps are easily adaptable to PTO, gas engine or electric motor drives. The pumps operate efficiently at PTO speeds of 540 and 1000 rpm. Pressure ranges are up to 300 psi with flow rates of 2-74 gpm.


  • Housing is available in cast iron, Ni-Resist.

  • Ni-Resist is a high nickel-content alloy for better corrosion resistance.

  • Self-priming operation; roller pumps should NOT be run DRY

  • Adaptable to PTOs or gas engines

  • Standard seals are Viton or Buna-N

  • Stand Super Rollers provide the chemical resistance of nylon and the life of polypropylene

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