Material options for rollers and seals are listed in the order of recommendations for usage. These recommendations are only a general guide. 

Application Specific Chemicals Suggested Pump, Rollers and Seals
WEED CONTROL CHEMICALS Emulsions, soluble powders, sodium arsenate. Use a Silver Series, Ni-Resist, or cast iron pump, Super Rollers and Viton seals.

Note: For weed control chemicals containing glyphosate ( such as Roundup&reg) or other acidics, use only a Silver Series pump with Super or poly rollers and Viton seals. Teflon rollers may be used up to 100 psi.

INSECT CONTROL Emulsions not containing aromatic solvents.
BRUSH CONTROL Heavy-duty sprays using diesel oil for carrier. Use a Silver Series, Ni-Resist or cast iron pump with Super Rollers. Use Viton or leather seals.
PEST CONTROL CHEMICALS, FUMIGANTS, ETC. This category or use includes mosquito sprays, termite control liquids, nematocides, soil and grain fumigants where any of the following chemicals with aromatic solvents are present:

Pentachlorophenol, xylene, xylol, benzene, high sulphur fuel or diesel oil. Fumigants containing: ethylene dibromide, carbon tetrachoride, perchlorethylene, trighlorethylene, methyl bromide, and other aromatic solvents.

LIQUID FERTILIZERS Up to 32% nitrogen content, or others if the liquid is at atmospheric pressure and the temperature is handled. Use a Silver Series, Ni-Resist pump with poly rollers and Buna-N seals.
POWDERED FERTILIZERS Fertilizers dissolved in water (greenhouse plant food). Use a Silver Series, Ni-Resist or cast iron pump, Super, rubber or poly rollers and Buna-N or Viton seals.

Note: Limit pressure to 100 psi when using rubber rollers or wettable powders.

PUMPING Large quantities of plain water.
SPRAYING Wettable powder sprays.
MATERIAL HANDLING Heavy abrasive powders in suspension.
ACIDS Mild sulfuric acid for spraying. Mild muriatic acid, inhibited muriatic, etc. Use a Silver Series pump, poly or Teflon rollers and Viton seals.

Note:Limit pressure to 100 psi when using Teflon rollers.

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